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Mermaid Potion Facial Mask
Mermaid Potion Facial Mask
Mermaid Potion Facial Mask

Mermaid Potion Facial Mask

Mermaid Potion Facial Mask is ideal for dry/aging/mature skin, inflamed/irritated skin, cosmetic skin issues, and sun damaged skin.

Rich in naturally occurring Lauric acid, Vitamin C, Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins and Minerals, Amino Acids and Antioxidants.

Organic Ingredients:

Sea Kelp - Contains chlorophyll that helps detoxify, the essential fatty acids improve skin elasticity, carbohydrates stimulates the skin's ability to heal, Vitamin A, an antioxidant normalizes skin cells, addresses vascular changes and calms redness. It also contains Amino Acids which are building deters of cells and skin conditioners. Hydrating and beautifying for Aged Skin, very potent, concentrated antioxidants! 

Kaolin White Clay -helps to detoxify, is suitable for all skin types, increases blood circulation. 

Powered Coconut Milk - Can alleviate cosmetic/topical signs of aging, give skin overall firmer appearance, contains protein, copper, and many essential fatty acids! The Lauric acid has antibacterial and antiviral properties helps fight free radicals! It nourishes and moisturizes! 

Aloe Vera Powder - Known for its skin healing properties, helps irritated, sunburned and inflamed skin. High in antioxidants, Vitamin C, and helps condition skin faster! Aloe Vera also strengthens the immune system, helps delay the aging process and helps swollen skin. 

Directions for use: Once a week, activate dry mask by mixing one tablespoon of powder with one to two teaspoons of pure water in a bowl to a thick paste or desired consistency. Sweep the soft mousse on clean face and neck using fingers or make-up brush, avoiding the eye area. Calmment time is 20 minutes. To remove, soften with a warm, wet washcloth (recommended to make it easier to remove the mask) and wipe off. 

15% of every sale is donated to stop animal testing and animal cruelty!


*Intended for Human External Use Only*

We recommend that you store this product in a dry place at room temperature, or lower.

Slight variations in each product may occur due to the handmade nature.

If you're pregnant, breast feeding, or have uncertainty about any ingredients, please consult with your healthcare professional before use of our products.

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