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Diamond Sugar Scrub

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For the babes out there that like a little sparkle! ✨

It's made with two different types of glitter mica as well as Shea Butter! It will moisturize your skin as it gives you an amazing all natural luminescent glow! 

Organic Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Mica Powder and the following 

Prunus dulcis (Sweet Almond Oil) | Rich in Vitamin E, mild and hypoallergenic, safe even for infant skin. Regular application can protect your skin from oxidative stress and UV radiation damage, keeping your skin soft and supple. Reduces fine lines and signs of aging, treats skin rashes like eczema and psoriasis, and also works for muscle aches and fatigue.

Vitellaria paradoxa (Shea Butter) | Rich in vitamins A, D and E and essential fatty acids - helps with moisturizing skin.

Citrus sinensis (Sweet Orange Essential Oil) | Provides Relief from Inflammation, Relaxes Muscular and Nervous System Spasms, Inhibits Microbial Growth and Disinfects Wounds, Boosts Immunity, Alleviates Anger, Anxiety and Depression, Cures Acne and Dermatitis, Promotes Urination and Eliminate Toxins and Treats Constipation. 

Vanilla planifolia (Vanilla Essential Oil) | Contains Antioxidants, Antidepressant, Sedative, Tranquilizing, Relaxing, Anticarcinogenic and Febrifuge.

Directions for use: Best used in the shower or bath, so get naked, slather on and scrub! Avoid Eye Area. Scrub for 2-5 minutes for best results and let sit for 10-20 minutes or till it dries.

You'll be amazed how great you'll look, feel and smell!

This item weighs 16 oz.

15% of every sale is donated towards stopping animal testing and animal cruetly!


*Intended for Human External Use Only*

We recommend that you store this product in a dry place at room temperature, or lower.

Slight variations in each product may occur due to the handmade nature.

If you're pregnant, breast feeding, or have uncertainty about any ingredients, please consult with your healthcare professional before use of our products.

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