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Autumn Pumpkin Solid Dog Shampoo
Autumn Pumpkin Solid Dog Shampoo
Autumn Pumpkin Solid Dog Shampoo

Autumn Pumpkin Solid Dog Shampoo

Fall vibes 🍁🍂
Our Pumpkin Shampoo bars will make bath time fun for your dog and perfect for Halloween and fall fun!

They're made with love and care, and we use only the best ingredients to benefit your fur-baby! We don't add any artificial colors or harsh chemicals to them! Only the best for your pup!

Organic Ingredients: (Avena sativa) Oatmeal soap infused with Cocos nucifera (Coconut Oil), Dried Orange Zest, Citrus sinesis (Orange Essential Oil) and Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil).

Directions for use: Wet your dog thoroughly, place solid bar in the palm of our hand and begin to rub over your dog, watch the rich lather develop. Rinse clean, and dry. 

Solid Shampoo Bars work so efficiently. It makes bathing your pup a lot easier, you're able to reach all of those nooks and crannies without wasting too much soap!

You'll receive 1 pumpkin per order.

This product is intended for cosmetic, and external use only. Use within 6 months.
Always seek Veterinarian advice to determine if your dog has any pre-existing medical conditions, or potential issues prior to introducing a new cosmetic or care product into your pet's regimen.

Dog products are not recommended for use on puppies under the age of ten (10) weeks.