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About us

Best Friend Beauty launched in 2016, inspired by Kimberly Langston's passion for natural beauty, friendship, and animal welfare.


Kimberly studied health and wellness at West Chester University, where she learned about the powerful ways simple organic elements affect the body. Her knowledge coupled with a lifetime of meaningful friendships, and close connections with dogs of all kinds sparked the inception of Best Friend Beauty.


Every product is created by thoughtfully blending luxurious amounts of the finest natural ingredients to maximize results for pups and their people. We believe strongly in using all natural organic ingredients in our beauty and care products so that no animal testing ever need be required. We donate 15% of every purchase towards causes supporting animal welfare.

Our mission is to foster natural beauty among friends, including the four-legged variety!



If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding your order, please contact Kimberly directly!

Kimberly Langston

Call: 215-867-9728