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Calendula + Coconut Facial Mist

  • $26.99

Looking for a pick me up? 🌼🥥

Then this product is just the thing! Give your skin a refreshing dewey glow! It’s perfect for anytime your skin needs a little extra boost! It's organic, vegan and all-natural.

Perfect for dry, dull and acne prone skin!

Organic Ingredients: Aqua (Distilled Water) and the following:

Cocos nucifera (Raw Coconut Water) | Prevents blackheads, acne blemishes, pimples. Perfect for dry, drab and dull skin, it will instantly rehydrate your skin! Vitamin C in coconut water may protect your skin from free radicals and damage from the sun. 

Calendula officinalis (Calendula) | Aids in Dry, Chapped or Split Skin, Helps Soothe the Area and Reduce Pain, Decreases Inflammation and Inflamed Skin, Anti-Inflammatory Helps Lessen Swelling Injury.  

Directions For Use: Shake well, spray after shower or whenever you need a boost during the day!

15% of every sale is donated towards stopping animal testing and animal cruelty!

*Intended for Human External Use Only*

We recommend that you store this product in a dry place at room temperature, or lower.

Slight variations in each product may occur due to the handmade nature.

If you're pregnant, breast feeding, or have uncertainty about any ingredients, please consult with your healthcare professional before use of our products.

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